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You answered...FALSE

You answered...   FALSE!

Are you Right or Wrong?! (Don't worry, it's not over your head.)

When armed with a Chord Wheel, even a complete music theory novice would recognize that although the C7 chord is not truly 'in key,' because it functions as the 'Secondary Dominant' (i.e. the V of V) it will fit in nicely into a composition. If this is the reason you selected this answer: YOU'RE RIGHT!!

If you haven't taken years of college courses in music theory nor have you been fortunate to run across the Chord Wheel and you simply just guessed: YOU'RE WRONG!!

But don't worry. You can now achieve that level of comprehension you've always known was critical without the confusing traditional textbooks. All for less than the price of a single concert ticket!


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Is the following true or false?

Key of D:
Chords in Key: G, Bm, C#dim
Chords not in Key: Am, F#7, G#m

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