Your songwriting will blossom when armed with chord theory mastery.

Talk about chops! Comprehend the key structure like never before.

Instantly transpose any progression into each and every key.  Easily

Take complexity out of learning your invaluable chord theory.

Music Education

While there are noted musicians who just 'wing it,' the vast majority are well studied. Many have music degrees from universities and quite a few have achieved greatness through private study. Whichever road you choose, the Chord Wheel will help get you there.


An awful lot of education is dependent on the student memorizing certain fundamentals which are intended to be used to advance higher concepts later. Unlike multiplication tables however, the relationships between chords and keys is not something most of us can maintain a firm grasp of in our heads alone. The Chord Wheel was developed as the ultimate 'cheat sheet' which would allow one to enjoy the vast benefits of chord theory mastery without the steep learning curve.

When a musician with a Masters degree first glimpsed a prototype Chord Wheel without any instructions or explanation, he immediately recognized its value and commented that this device contained the knowledge that had too quickly faded the moment he graduated. In fact, the Chord Wheel allows a beginning student to have at his/her fingertips music theory knowledge that degreed musicians would envy.

Too good to be true? Hardly. Try the test below.


Just the study of Music Theory alone is exciting. The quickest way to the depths of this boundless sea is the Chord Wheel. Below you will find a music/chord theory quiz. Don't worry... We won't score you.



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Is the following true or false?


Key of Bb:

Chords in Key: Gm7, Cm, F7

Chords not in Key: Am, Em, C7


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