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The Chord Wheel


Pictured is a portion of the Chord Wheel with its triangular Key outline (printed on a transparent disk) center on the 'Key of G ' or 'One Sharp.'

Latest News

Pat Metheny congratulates Chord Wheel author, Jim Fleser, on joining him in the Hal Leonard Publishing family. "The Pat Metheny Songbook" is a great way to study the progressions of this jazz legend. Yes, that's a Chord Wheel in Pat's hand, though it's safe to say he doesn't need to study much any more.

iPhone App Now Available!


The best-selling book is an iPhone App at last.  In addition to having The Chord Wheel on a mobile platform, the interactive characteristics of the app allows you to press the individual cells and hear the given chord in either piano or guitar (and with Folksy Triads or Jazzy 7ths chord voicings) according to the settings.

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